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My name's Lemuel. Welcome to my blog. Here I'll be recording my travels, the sights and sounds of the world. I love to make my friend John take pictures of everything I see, especially my very, very long letters. With my trusty, handsome, brilliant friend John by my side, there's no place we can't go. When you get bored of trying to decipher my handwriting, check out his twitter. He's the greatest.


One Response to “25”

  1. WackyMPractical says:

    Sir, this is great news. I wish you the best of luck in returning home. You have a great friend in John. You’re lucky to have met him.

    Now, I feel it’s time we be perfectly honest with you. I have been following your journal for some time, along with several others. We are actually from the same group who have been following you and Silver since we had found his message in the bottle. We’ve shown interest in you because we knew that you were not from our time. There have been many others like you in the same situation, pulled from their own various worlds and into ours. We’ve been following them all. Our goal is to help them, and you too, to learn to adapt to our world and stay out of trouble, and in the end, up those wishing to return to their own worlds to do so.

    Now that you and John have expressed an interest in returning to our own homes, we can now reveal to you that we have the means. It’ll take some time, and a little bit of extra research, but we do have a method that can return you and John back to your respective worlds. It doesn’t require you going to England, though I recommend you don’t alter your course now. We can send you back regardless of where you are.

    If you trust us, we would like to help you, if you agree. But we must warn you, there are others who do not wish for you or John to return home. They will attempt to contact you and John and convince you to stay. And they are not beyond making threats or manipulating through lies and deceit. Please, remember your wife and kids. If you let us, we can make sure you seem them again real soon.