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My name's Lemuel. Welcome to my blog. Here I'll be recording my travels, the sights and sounds of the world. I love to make my friend John take pictures of everything I see, especially my very, very long letters. With my trusty, handsome, brilliant friend John by my side, there's no place we can't go. When you get bored of trying to decipher my handwriting, check out his twitter. He's the greatest.


3 Responses to “29”

  1. QXZenith says:

    My dear sir,
    If your friend John will assist you in viewing the webpage, you may find the following link to shed some light on the book that the woman you spoke to referred to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulliver%27s_Travels .
    There are some oddities in the way the information is presented, but I understand it is wholly accurate as far as the content of the book is concerned.

    Best wishes,

  2. Genndy Oda C.O.G. says:

    Here is a summary of the book that was mentioned: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulliver%27s_Travels
    Another person shall be here to giva a longer-winded explanation of the details and such behind it.

  3. WackyMPractical says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting in a while. I wasn’t quite sure how you reacted to my last one, and didn’t feel comfortable posting again until I knew where your mind was at.

    But you should know, that no matter what happens, no matter what you find out, that you will always have supporters here. The truth can be hard to handle, sometimes. But you have Silver, and you have us, and you have your friends and family back home, that I know you will be able to see again some day soon. Just keep your mind on all the people that care for you and have shown you kindness.

    Like always, I will continue to follow your adventures, and I hope you have some happy ones real soon.