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My name's Lemuel. Welcome to my blog. Here I'll be recording my travels, the sights and sounds of the world. I love to make my friend John take pictures of everything I see, especially my very, very long letters. With my trusty, handsome, brilliant friend John by my side, there's no place we can't go. When you get bored of trying to decipher my handwriting, check out his twitter. He's the greatest.


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  1. Sicon says:

    Dear Gulliver, and also, John Silver,

    I have commented once or twice here before, so perhaps you have noticed me. I had little to say before now, as others had taken the words before I. However, it now seems to me that it is my turn to step forward.

    In essence, what I am saying is this. I can explain these strange phenomena you see now.

    According to my research and observations, including work with people similar to you, when you awoke on that beach in Australia you did not, as you believed wash ashore from a shipwreck. The truth is far more complex.

    It appears that in recent months, the fabric of this reality, the world itself, has been punctured. People from many different realms that do not exist here have been ‘washing ashore’ so to speak, in our lands. You two are not the first.

    This means that you are, unfortunately, farther removed from your home than you though, separated by worlds instead of time, though both are so difficult to cross normally that the difference is really not important. Please note the word normally in my previous sentence.

    A group of people, myself included, were notified of the holes in reality when they first began to originate, and ever since we have been working to repair the damage, since obviously gaping holes in our world are not exactly conductive to a healthy existence. During our work, we came across you and multiple other castaways from other times and places, and, upon realizing the existence of people like you, entered contact and began to work on a method to return the wanderers to their homes.

    The result of our work on the subject is that we have discovered that the castaways world all link to ours through narrative material. In other words, the worlds of the people coming through are regarded as fictions. Plays, novels, myths; all things people of our world thought to be stories. However, it has become apparent that that is not the case, or at least, not the whole picture, and that, in fact, these so called ‘fictions’ have worlds of their own that merely interact with ours through a book or something similar. Your own worlds are no exception. Gulliver, your tales have indeed reached this world, but they are, as you see, regarded as a fiction written by an Englishman by the name of Johnathan Swift. John Silver has also found the link to his own world of origin in the form of Treasure Island.

    Now, you may notice that you strangely cannot read these books. I’m still not really sure why that is, and it is especially confusing in your case, Gulliver, since your tales are all written by your own hand. However, it seems to be just how this world works.

    While you may think I am merely going off on some tangent, all of this is necessary to understand our conclusions on the subject of returning you to your homes. After some experimentation, we have discovered that it is possible to return people such as you, with a little help from a benefactor of ours, by opening a gate back to your worlds via a work of supposed fiction, since that is how our two planes interact with each other. This method has been tried and tested, and it has worked perfectly. However, in order to begin the process, we need to collect data on the way your foreign existence reacts with our reality, and we do not yet have enough. Therefore, while it IS possible, opening a portal for you is not yet feasible. However, rest assured that it shouldn’t take too much longer. The moment we are prepared, someone will get in contact with you regarding all the specifics of the process, and then you may return to your home.

    This is essentially what the others spoke of on your previous post, but I figured you needed a more in depth explanation.

    Should you have any questions, merely ask and I or one of my fellows will answer as soon as possible.


  2. WackyMPractical says:

    Hello again, friend.

    Looks like you’re having a rough time. But I now have some good news for you. My companion had just got finished explaining to you how we are and how we hope we can help you. As of now, we believe we have everything required to send you home, back to the world you are familiar with, back with your family. It will take a little bit of time, but likely not more than a week. What we need from you is your acknowledgement and agreement. Me and my friends will all write stories for your, featuring yourself in your own home. One of this stories can be used to send you home. I know it sounds odd, but it is the only way. Do you understand? And most importantly, do you agree?