Posted By on November 13, 2012

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My name's Lemuel. Welcome to my blog. Here I'll be recording my travels, the sights and sounds of the world. I love to make my friend John take pictures of everything I see, especially my very, very long letters. With my trusty, handsome, brilliant friend John by my side, there's no place we can't go. When you get bored of trying to decipher my handwriting, check out his twitter. He's the greatest.


3 Responses to “32”

  1. narrativedilettante says:

    People are definitely still reading! Please update again. I want to know what happened next!

  2. Genndy Oda C.O.G. says:

    Mr. Gulliver,
    I assure you, we are reading your posts. We converse them, and decide what to do concerning them. I, personally, enjoy your posts, as they allow you to hint at other things by the paper you use. I wish you a good journey, and hope to hear more.
    Genndy Oda C.O.G.

    And Mr. Silver,
    I ask you to ensure that Mr. Gulliver hears this post. I believe it will invigorate him. Also, good luck on your journeys, and check your voicemail.
    Genndy Oda C.O.G.

  3. QXZenith says:

    Dear Gulliver (though I realize you may not get to see this),

    Is everything all right? Because the way you ended in the middle of a sentence– well, I’m feeling a little disturbed by it.

    Anxiously awaiting your next update,